Chickens from Chernobyl

Hello again, second post, here goes. The main complaint I hear from Jewish people in relation to kosher food is how expensive kosher meats and poultry are. Today I fabricated (butchered) over 35 chickens before it was 6 AM. Believe me when I tell you that if you saw what these chickens looked like, especially in comparison to what you get from a kosher supermarket, you would never gripe about what you pay for kosher proteins. These chickens legit looked like they were either from a farm in Chernobyl or were being fed nuclear waste 3 meals a day. You see there is a condition called PSE that all animals that are eaten are susceptible to. PSE or Pale, Soft and exudative causes an extremely unappealing gelatinous layer to form on the chicken. PSE does not make the protein inedible but it does make it cook more poorly than a healthy piece of meat. I could explain to the scientific breakdown of what happens to the chicken but I don’t want to bore you. What you do need to know is that PSE is caused by 2 things. First reason is genetics, no one can really understand it but a very few amount of PSE ridden chickens have a genetic defect that causes it. The reason that a vast majority of chickens get PSE is from stress. You see animals body chemistry is altered an incredible amount under general stress and is altered even more when they sense death. Chicken farms where non-kosher poultry and meats are raised and slaughtered are filthy and overcrowded. The animals are constantly stressed and slaughtered in ways that severely raise their stress levels. Kosher animal farms and more importantly our practices for slaughtering create a much more peaceful and stress free environment. So the next time you’re considering bitching about the price of your chicken, look at the perfect white skin and beautiful pink meat of your chicken and don’t take it for granted. Next time you are in your local grocery store, go check to see how much organic, farm raised chickens cost. You will discover that equal quality chickens, kosher or not, are similarly priced. Alright till next time