Creating A Special

Today I am going to walk you through the steps of a special dish I created this week. For those of you who do not know a “special” is a dish served at a restaurant that is not a part of the fixed menu. I was in class and I went down to the meat […]

Are Restaurant Kitchens Clean?

People ask me all the time how clean restaurant kitchens are. The truth is that even though there are universal cleanliness and food safety laws the kitchens I have worked in have vastly differed in standards of cleanliness. Every chef should have enough respect for food and the culinary industry to at minimum maintain a […]


Nothing fills me with homicidal rage faster than trying to cook a meal with a crappy chef knife. If you cook even once a month, buying a good chef knife is a good investment. People always tell me they hate cooking for 2 reasons, having to clean up and cutting vegetables. Cutting vegetables with your […]

Restaurant Steaks at Home

One of the biggest gaps in food quality between restaurants and the home kitchen is steak. There are several factors that separate the two, some you can duplicate some you can not. Many restaurants dry age their steaks, this is a time consuming process and most home kitchen are not equipped for it. Aside from […]

Risotto is a great weapon

People ask me all the time what is a good dish to add to their repertoire. There are a lot of generic items that you all already make that I can make adjustments to and improve but its still the same generic item. There is only so many ways you can make a roast chicken […]

Smoking meat

The most common question i get is what is my favorite thing to cook? People are always expecting my answer to be some fancy dish they have seen on Chopped or some other show on the Food Network. The truth is far and away my favorite thing to do is fire up the smoker and […]

Why I Cook

I wish I had some mushy, made for TV explanation for why I got into the culinary industry, but I don’t. Truth is its the only thing I was good at that I could present as a skill. For a very very brief time I dabbled in the “office life” and failed miserably. Aside from […]

Chickens from Chernobyl

Hello again, second post, here goes. The main complaint I hear from Jewish people in relation to kosher food is how expensive kosher meats and poultry are. Today I fabricated (butchered) over 35 chickens before it was 6 AM. Believe me when I tell you that if you saw what these chickens looked like, especially […]

Whats up

whats up guys my name is Benny Rudansky. I am starting a blog because i have a LOT to say about a LOT of things. I am a student at The premier culinary school in the country and one of the best in the world. I am an avid sports fan and follow all 4 […]